SURF Research and Innovation Event 2013

Scientific research in the 21st century is inconceivable without ICT resources and methods. Be inspired by fellow researchers as they show the added value of ICT for their own research.

SURF Research and Innovation Event 2013
28 February 2013
Haagse Hogeschool - The Hague

Researchers present striking practical examples of the innovative and creative use of ICT in all its forms. They show how multi-disciplinary and data-intensive research is assisted and strengthened by and with ICT. These research results can lead to new insights and pioneering research questions.

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Short video impression SURF Research and Innovation Event 2013



Leo Kouwenhoven, Professor of Physics Delft University of Technology

Leo Kouwenhoven is Professor of Physics at the Delft University of Technology. He is also head of the research group Quantum Transport of the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at the Delft University of Technology.


In 2007 he won the prestige Spinoza prize for scientific breakthroughs in the field of quantumlogisitics in semiconductor materials.

Last year he led his research team into discovering the long-sought Majorana particle. This startling discovery can be a giant leap for scientists' in developing the quantum computer.


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Arnold Smeulders, director COMMIT

Arnold Smeulders is the director of COMMIT, the large public - private research program in ICT for the Netherlands. Also, he is professor of computer vision at the University of Amsterdam where he performs research into visual search engines. And he is chairman of the ICT Platform Netherlands, the policy board for ICT research in the Netherlands who has just generated the ICT Roadmap for the top sectors.


Nederland ICT (former ICT~Office) has awarded its annual ICT Personality Award 2012 to Peter Apers (UT) and Arnold Smeulders (COMMIT/UvA). They receive this award for their prominent role in ICT research in the Netherlands, in particular for their recent work on the ICT Roadmap. The award was presented on 13 December 2012 during the National ICT Gala in Apeldoorn.

fotografie: Jan Willem Steenmeijer

Keynote 15:30-16:15 - read more in the programme



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